Here is a list of projects I am currently working on:

Ask me about them.

crocheted Fan blanket - for Jordan and Christee (about 3/4 finished!)

crocheted driving cap - for uncle Joe (the assembly instructions were terrible...)

hexagon hope chest quilt (because i am insane) - about less than 1' x 1' currently sewn together; lots of pieced hexagons ready, though.

cross stitch from forever ago...

crewel from a few years ago...

two braid crochet blankets ...


projects as of late...

Lately I am (still) working on:

pillowcase dresses galore!!


-Baby Rebecca (almost done!)
-Christee and Jordan (I can take longer on this one, because their wedding date keeps changing!)
-Vincent's 100"
-Kelli & Dennis
-Baby Weeks

Christine and Buck!


way old new Christmas cards!

I just found this neat idea - and a great way to get rid of clutter HERE. :)

(re-using old [Christmas or other] cards to make cute, new ones!)


*also, I shall post some newer-completed-project pictures soon. :-)


the tabitha club

the Tabitha Club is starting! and coming into existence! Several years in the works, and I can only pray that this is the right time to start. more laters!



tag time!

My new source of mischief and inspiration. pictures to come (of my own adventures :) )

You are totally welcome to come along and erm, join me. :)


dresses, ho!

I've found a new venue of craftiness to sell my imagination away - etsy :)
I've "Shopped" (without buying) there before, but a few weeks ago I decided to post my dresses and some of my other things on the site.

So far I've sold three dresses (two have already been sent away, and the third is departing for Oregon in the morning.

It's so exciting that God gave me this tiny little outlet to be not only creative, but to pay the bills! :) and maybe someday soon, to save! :)

I finished Lesley's rainbow granny-square and I'm working on a "bone" shell afghan for Christee and Jordan, and trying to speed up the grey/blue/black ripple I started for Vincent's bday February 4th...
after the teachery tests I am taking on Saturday I should be able to finish it. if i have enough yarn.


craft sale...

Well my first "solo" craft sale (hosted by the elementary school's PTO) was pretty much a flop.

I sold a few suckers for the Costa Rica Trip, and had a few ladies (there were maybe 10 non-vendors, tops!) looked at my pillowcase dresses. at least Laurie (the teacher who lives next/behind/beside/random preposition to me) wants 4 of them. i hope....

So i managed to sell one of my scarves (my $5 transformed from dollar tree scarves) to one of the younger girls at the sale - she gave me three dollars (what she had left after buying some suckers, lol...) and a pair of size 6 knitting needles that "we don't know how to knit, so you can have them if you want..." so yey. (more) nitn needls!

but most of the morning was really frustrating because no one really came. i'm not sure why, ...ridiculous, really. they probably had no signage or something. meh!

i am in the process of rolling yarn balls from the flea market two weeks ago-ish, and cleaning my trailer, and making "plarn."


new colors of favoration:
grey and yellow.
i thought of it first, though. (see my Lukey baby blankey).




i saw an advertisement for a craft bazaar and - even though i may be the only blonde - i think i am going to do it. at least, i am going to attempt to make enough plarn purses/bags, etc... :) we shall see. and if my laptop ever works again (:-/) I can post pictures? :) I have a little over a month. unless i do the one in December. :0D yey.


a little large...

So the waistcoat - mostly finished in three days - was a liiiiittle on the ginormous size. So I am going to make it Large (rather than XXL) and see... if it's too small I can 1) give it away or 2) rip it and make the XL size.... bua ha ha,

and currently - scheming up what I can put in a package for some friends. :)

peace out, homies!


Crocheted Waistcoat

So I have finally decided what I am going to attempt - I have no idea about the sizing, so I'm making it XXL sized; Pattern here. and it shall be Bernat's Rose, to use my olde yarn up. :)

I really like this website; it's mostly for knitters, but I've found some sweet crochet patterns, too.
The only downside is that most of the patterns are translated from Norwegian, so the majority is in "british" terminology.

Good thing there's this (a translating site for UK to US terms! ) :^)


finished again!

I finished yet another crochet project - just in time, too! I spent most of the car ride from Lansing to the East side of Michigan tying up loose ends - literally. I finished the last one in the parking lot, wrapped the baby socks, bib, and stuffed elephant (with a sad face) my mom contributed in the blanket and tied it up with embroidery floss.

Also in the crochet world, I taught my friend Christee single crochet /chain stitch and she took it upon herself to learn double crochet as well! She then proceeded to make a scarf for one of her babysitting charges and is working on one for his brother! We get together every so often to watch movies or be girly, and she showed e her scarf .... the crochet book from the library wasn't clear enough for her, apparently, and told her not to chain anything when turning... so the ends of her scarf were slightly diagonal. I "trimmed" the ends for her with a few DC / HDC / SC to square it off, and suggested for the next scarf that she ch. 3 before turning to prevent another slanty border. Then she started cranking out the other scarf. :) This all while attempting to watch all three "Oceans" movies. We got through 11 and half of 12 before I decided to run away and get some sleep. Oceans 12 always, always, always bores me.... I just don't like it as much, I guess.

I have about a million squares for my cousin's rainbow G-square, but not enough. I am making it slightly as a stash-buster, and I'm throwing in some black squares as well. It's Caron's Simply Soft Brites for the majority, though.
...pictures to come. :)

I'm working on a something for me, too. I want to make a sweater-type thing... if it turns out, I will post aboot it.

Off to crochet more!


circle, circle, square.

did you get to see the last lunar eclipse until 2010? I did. These are pictures of what it's like to take a picture of the moon without very much light at all... and when the moon wants to travel, it will go far!

I found the perfect blanket pattern to go with my baby book - here - and I've changed the color scheme a bit so I can use some of my stash...

here are most of the colors (minus the pink hearted tablecloth =^D):I love the gray and yellow together. Love.

I'm selling a few things on CafePress - framed pictures, posters, journals, etc. If you're interested in an item but want a different picture, let me know and I can swap them - I'm using the money i earn from these to pay off my college loans. :) Thanks for your support!


slight bit of an update

I have to post my nephew / second cousin's picture here. A few months old, and the biggest baby eyes ever. :)

my handmade Halloween outfit: (I'm Lunette from the Big Comfy Couch):

and of course every time I go to the beach or anywhere outdoors I have to build houses or people...
Summer 2007:
(front view, with pool).

back view, with Lake Michigan in front...

More to come later, as I am attempting to do some sewing and more crocheting... and maybe I can post finished blanket / quilt / project pictures :)


coming as soon as tonight...

my OWN Moda Dea Cache brand yarn afghan is nearly done! It's the third one I've been working on, and most likely the last, as the yarn - oh so beautiful - has been discontinued. I made one out of purples and greens for a wedding present for some friends, and one for my mum's birthday (a few months later). And now I am nearly done with one for myself! I love the yarn, though... I got it for 28 cents to $2.50 a skein, usually at $5.99 a skein... so it's pretty sweet overall.


Baby Fun

I crocheted these booties and the bear a few months ago for my friends Gabe & Beka's new baby, Gabe.

I didn't even use a pattern for the bear, and look how he turned out! :-D

Four Seasons Quilt.

When I procrastinate, I do everything under the sun BUT what needs to be done the most.
such as, look up pictures of random things I have accomplished.
Like this little quilt "birthday cake" for a family friend. It is of the Four Seasons variety.

Of course, my mum told me that [her friend] liked the pictures of the cakes I've made before, and since she's a gardener, I decided to add some gardeny stuff to a birthday cake/card/quilt. :)

It was tons of fun to make, too!


Day One

I need a place to show off.

I've decided that since my brain is far more right-sided than anything else, I am going to be sharing lots of pictures of my current milliion projects underway.

and i am definitely planning on putting up photos of my UFOS. (unfinished objects). As proof that I can finish something-or-other.

for example, the wavy shades of purple afghan was finally finished this past December in time for my friend Tracie's wedding. I'd originally started it as a birthday present for the same friend a few years ago.