finished again!

I finished yet another crochet project - just in time, too! I spent most of the car ride from Lansing to the East side of Michigan tying up loose ends - literally. I finished the last one in the parking lot, wrapped the baby socks, bib, and stuffed elephant (with a sad face) my mom contributed in the blanket and tied it up with embroidery floss.

Also in the crochet world, I taught my friend Christee single crochet /chain stitch and she took it upon herself to learn double crochet as well! She then proceeded to make a scarf for one of her babysitting charges and is working on one for his brother! We get together every so often to watch movies or be girly, and she showed e her scarf .... the crochet book from the library wasn't clear enough for her, apparently, and told her not to chain anything when turning... so the ends of her scarf were slightly diagonal. I "trimmed" the ends for her with a few DC / HDC / SC to square it off, and suggested for the next scarf that she ch. 3 before turning to prevent another slanty border. Then she started cranking out the other scarf. :) This all while attempting to watch all three "Oceans" movies. We got through 11 and half of 12 before I decided to run away and get some sleep. Oceans 12 always, always, always bores me.... I just don't like it as much, I guess.

I have about a million squares for my cousin's rainbow G-square, but not enough. I am making it slightly as a stash-buster, and I'm throwing in some black squares as well. It's Caron's Simply Soft Brites for the majority, though.
...pictures to come. :)

I'm working on a something for me, too. I want to make a sweater-type thing... if it turns out, I will post aboot it.

Off to crochet more!

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