dresses, ho!

I've found a new venue of craftiness to sell my imagination away - etsy :)
I've "Shopped" (without buying) there before, but a few weeks ago I decided to post my dresses and some of my other things on the site.

So far I've sold three dresses (two have already been sent away, and the third is departing for Oregon in the morning.

It's so exciting that God gave me this tiny little outlet to be not only creative, but to pay the bills! :) and maybe someday soon, to save! :)

I finished Lesley's rainbow granny-square and I'm working on a "bone" shell afghan for Christee and Jordan, and trying to speed up the grey/blue/black ripple I started for Vincent's bday February 4th...
after the teachery tests I am taking on Saturday I should be able to finish it. if i have enough yarn.


ladylinoleum said...

That's awesome girlie! Create and sell away!!

Lynnifer said...

Thats great! I've yet to sell any of my stuff on etsy but I'm hoping someone will buy soon - one place is interested in my stuff wholesale which may turn into something profitable but I'm not sure I'm really into making large quantities of the same thing...